Dan Levin CPR Consulting

After receiving his BBA in Finance from the University of Oklahoma, Dan Levin joined E.F. Hutton in 1980. He has remained both a consistent and stable resource for his clients throughout his 35 years in the business.

Dan Levin is committed to putting the client first. He knows his clients want more, expect more, and deserve more expertise and service than is the norm. To that end, Dan understands that his clients’ interests are paramount. By specializing in insurance and annuity products, he helps them solve financial problems and demonstrates how they should work toward achieving their financial goals.

Investment Strategy Consulting Makes Sense


Understanding Diversification
Diversification means that you create an investment portfolio that attempts to reduce risk by using multiple types of investments and investing in more than one company, and within more than one industry.
With a diversified portfolio, when one industry or company fails or takes a large hit; the rest of your investments should be strong enough to weather the storm and help minimize the effects of the loss. Diversification reduces your overall risk. On the other hand, if all of your money was invested into the stock of a single company and the company doesn’t succeed, your investment portfolio and net worth is going to take a huge hit and decrease alongside the value of the stock. Additionally, if you invest in multiple companies that are all within the same new technology sector and that particular technology doesn’t take off- your pocket will feel the pain of a failed technology and you may lose your investments!